1. Choose your category (if you can’t find a suitable category please contact us to explore your options).
  2. Complete your submission in no more than 500 words, adding your company logo, files and images to support your nomination.
  3. Share your nomination through your social channels and client base.
  4. Buy tickets for your team (please purchase tickets early to avoid disappointment).
  5. Come along to the networking and awards ceremony for a relaxed, fun and exciting evening at The Ben Lexcen Terrace, The National Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour.


  • Entry is open to Solution Providers servicing the Australian retail industry.
  • The NORA team and the Advisory Board will verify that all nominations are in the correct categories.

  • Once voting opens, NORA will invite all Australian based retailers to begin voting. We also encourage our nominees to go out to their network for votes.

  • Once voting closes, the Advisory Board will assess the votes against company size and client pool. An algorithm will be used to ensure small to medium sized businesses will be given an equal chance of winning.

  • The winners and 2 finalists will be announced on the evening for each category.

  • We encourage our nominees to bring their team and key clients to enjoy a night of celebration and networking.


  • Entrants must have a current NORA Solution Partner Membership at the time of the awards ceremony on 31 October 2019. If you’re unsure of your membership status please contact Kristine at kristine@nora.org.au.
  • Voting can only be done by retailers. Each retailer can only vote for a nominee once per category.
  • If we receive no more than 2 entries for a category, that category will be removed.

  • You may edit your entry after submitting, up until the entry deadline.

  • You may enter more than one category.

  • The nominated business must commit to sending at least one person to the awards ceremony on Thursday 31 October in Sydney.
  • Tickets can be purchased through this site.


  • We have kept the submission process as simple as possible. Rather than a lengthy submission, you have a maximum of 500 words to let voters know what makes your business unique.

  • Please make sure all your personal details are entered correctly as this information will be used in the awards presentation if you are selected.


How will retailers place their votes?
Retailers will register using a valid email address (see fourth question below), and simply click on the entry they want to vote for in each category.

What is NORA’s definition of a retailer?
A retailer in this instance is an online and/or offline product retailer, including leisure retail (travel, fitness etc.). It does not include businesses operating in the area of sharing economy/collaborative consumption.

How many people from each retailer can vote?
There is no limit to how many employees per retail business can vote. But each person can only vote for a particular nominee once.

How will the votes be verified?
To vote, a retailer must register with an email address belonging to the retail business. In other words, no personal email addresses  such as gmail or hotmail will be accepted.

Do the retailers need to put forward a statement as to why they have voted?
No, we do not require a statement or testimonial, just a click to vote.

How will the retailers find out about voting?
Once the voting stage begins, NORA will send regular email communications to our database of retailers asking them to vote. However, it is up to each nominee to encourage their retail customers to vote for them. We will provide you with some graphical assets that you can use on your emails and social media to promote your entry.

Who will oversee the voting process?
The voting process will be overseen by our Advisory Board (TBA).

Is there just a winner or finalists per category too?
There will be one winner, and 2 finalists (runners up).